The Glory of Jesus as Fuel for Missions, Reflecting on Trip Lee’s talk at Cross Conference

What is going to send and keep a missionary in a hard and dangerous place? A big paycheck? Fame? No, it is the firm conviction that everything is about God. God is most important, not my health or happiness. When a person is consumed by the glory of God they see themselves, their difficulties, their gifts, and their calling as ultimately about showing how great and awesome Jesus is!  Are you consumed by yourself or the glory of God, today?

Trip says a helpful test is to recall what you have been daydreaming about. Are you daydreaming about a vacation, job, or relationship? Or, are you daydreaming about a neighbor coming to Christ, a church being planted among an unreached people group, or how family members may see God’s power on display in an area of your present weakness.

One step towards personally engaging an unreached people group with the Gospel could be for us to change what we daydream about. Maybe next time you catch yourself daydreaming about a big birthday cake milkshake, imagine sharing it and the Gospel with a Berber family in Morocco.

Check out Trip Lee’s talk here (it’s the first 27 minutes of the video). Comment below if you have additional thoughts and/or if you have ideas for how to shift our living off of our glory and onto Jesus’.

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