Am I Called to Go? Reflecting on the panel discussion at the CROSS Conference

“Am I called to go to an unreached people group?”  If you’re asking, take it serious because not everyone asks this question. Here are some things to do as you wrestle with this question…

  • Be in the word.  Hear God’s heart for His glory among the nations and get used to His voice so you can recognize Him when He directs you. 
  • Seek God in prayer. With humility, surrender, and desperation seek the Lord asking Him to lead you in His ways!  Be prepared for this to take a significant amount of time, the Lord wants you to know Him deeper through this journey. 
  • Learn more about the needs.  What people groups are still unreached?  Where are they? What can you find out about their culture and history?  See how the Lord directs you to respond to the need. 
  • Expose yourself to opportunities.  Can you begin building relationships with people from that region of the world right where you are?  Eat with them at their restaurants.  Pray for them using resources like  Is there a short term option to go and experience life there?
  • Ask others.  But be selective whom you listen to. Are the people telling you not to go people who have a heart gripped by a passion for the glory of Jesus all over the world?  If so, pay attention. If not, don’t be surprised. Does your local church support you in this direction?  Have your brothers and sisters in Christ confirmed gifts you have and encouraged you to pursue this?

As the panel discussion shows there isn’t a cookie cutter approach to identifying God’s call on a person’s life to go as a missionary to an unreached people group.  As you start down the path charted above if your desire to go continues to increase even as the sacrifice becomes more clear, you may find that what seemed like a random thought one day about going to an unreached people group was planted in your heart by the God who is sending you and will be with you every step down this hard and joyful path ahead. 

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