Desperate for God’s Spirit, Reflecting on John Piper’s CROSS talk


Why are you a Christian right now?  The answer to that question is also the answer for how anyone will ever turn to Jesus.  John Piper shows us from 1 Corinthians 12:3 (and many other places in the Bible) “no one can say ‘Jesus is Lord’ [from the heart] except in the Holy Spirit.”  So it is the work of the Holy Spirit when anyone turns to Jesus… that includes you, the person you are witnessing to, and the unreached peoples God is sending us to.

This truth does two things: it humbles us and it emboldens us.  We are humbled as we see our desperation for God’s Spirit in our own treasuring of Christ as the Lord of our lives.  We also cannot expect anyone to turn to Christ apart from the Spirit of God at work in that person’s life opening her eyes to the beauty of Jesus.

This truth that exposes our need also floods our soul with confidence because it shows us that it is ultimately not up to our ability to convince someone of their need for Jesus.  Rather, we present Christ with urgency, joy, and love and the Holy Spirit works in the heart!  So, we can go to the hardest people on the planet with the confidence that God will win in the hearts of those He is calling!

What thoughts did this talk stir up for you?  How does seeing this aspect of the Holy Spirit’s work in our salvation encourage you?

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